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Event Date: May 2, 2020 - May 3, 2020 00:00
United Kingdom

It's Wednesday. I shall walk down to the GOURMET GROCER in central Fordingbridge to pick up my pre-ordered food box . Clare Johnston ( the other Johnston leading us out of Covid19 ,or rather 'feeding' us out of it) will place the box on the wall and take my card - swipe it and give it back to the wall where I shall retrieve it with gloved hands. Next door to Clare is Vince the butcher (Price the Butcher) who will lob meat into the same box for the safe retrieval of the isolated citizen. Don't you think this is fantastic ? The money we spend from the 'hard earned' goes into our local economy: into the gas station via John our first-rate energy provider : into the devoted local baker - Michael at the Cottage Loaf on the High Street : into the cash register of Pete the sourdough baker at BH24 in Ringwood who will sell you a freshly made Friand to lift your spirits into the stratosphere after this over...............yes - it's not just Fordingbridge. I do go to Ringwood on the X3 bus when I'm allowed. And I was on a self-isolating walk through the deserted car park and I got talking to the owners of the CUCKOO INN at Hamptworth (near Downton/Landford) . You did'nt know about it ? Well now you do. It has a fabulous garden and resembles an old ale house where the beer was served from the kitchen by the local ale wife.

So you see how easy it is to weave a thread of local knowledge and interest into our busy and bewitched daily lives. What fun it is and probably it may be the only way to survive. To take a renewed interest in one another - Why not ?

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